Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Believe It

I've had the song "Don't Stop Believin'" in my head ever since I fell in love with the show Glee and all things show choir. Plus, I just love Journey.

My roommate has been queen of the amazing YouTube videos lately. And tonight's did NOT disappoint. Especially since it is "Don't Stop Believin'". You won't believe this guy's voice....

Yeah.....he totally has an amazing voice.....as a guy AND a girl. So strange. And awesome.

Just for good measure, I'll post a Disney song too. Cause it's kinda freaky how he can do this!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Good Morning?

Well, the wake-up part of this morning could have gone better...

[Alarm rings]

[HB hits snooze]

[Alarm rings]

[HB hits snooze]

[HB promptly realizes that she should NOT be hitting snooze....]

[HB QUICKLY sits STRAIGHT up in bed]

HB: "OH NO!"

[EB, who is spending the night, is awoken]

EB: "What..."

HB: "I missed my tennis match!"

[HB hastily grabs her cell phone, now realizing she is more than 20 minutes late for her match. She simultaneously feels terrible for the player she has left waiting for a match that won't happen and about the thirty dollars she will owe the club for missing a match]

Tennis Club Man: "Hello"

HB: "Hi, I was calling to say that I am going to miss my league match this morning"

Tennis Club Man: "Umm....we don't have leagues this morning"

HB: [thinking she has lucked out and managed to sleep in on one of the days when there are byes] "Oh, great! Thanks!"

[HB hangs up phone and lays back in bed]

HB: "There's no league today. I guess they have byes today."

EB: "Don't you have tennis on Mondays?"

HB: "Yeah, at 6:30, but he said there are no leagues today."

EB: "It's Sunday."

[long pause]

HB: "Wait. What? Wait. Oh, man. It's Sunday? I had no idea it was Sunday. Wait a minute. What day is it? I never would have known it was Sunday!"

EB: "You just told me last night that you might happen to wake me up when you were getting dressed in the morning because you didn't know what you wanted to wear to church."

[long pause]

HB: "Yeah."

EB: "Do you still have time to make it to Welcome Team?"

[HB checks the clock]

HB: "Oh, yeah, I have 40 minutes."

[HB lays back down, sleeps for a moment, starts laughing...]

HB: "I can't believe that..."


---End Scene---

This dramatization might not be EXACTLY accurate (because I was obviously out of it at the time), but it is very, very close. I've been known to be a bit groggy when I get up in the morning, but today really takes the cake. We've all had days when we wake up and are not sure what day it is, but it usually only takes a few moments to realize what is going on. I actually made a call and was told there were no leagues, and I STILL thought it was Monday. Yikes.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Total Dread


I have to go to the dentist tomorrow and I seriously can't STAND the dentist.

Last week my roommate showed me a video on YouTube that made me laugh SO hard. Maybe you've already seen it (since it's already been viewed on YouTube 23 million times....), but if you haven't, I shall share it here. It's well worth your two minutes.

"Is this real life?!"

"Why is this happening to me?!"

"Is this going to be FOREVER?!"

Oh, man, I know how that kid feels!

I hope I don't feel like that after my appointment tomorrow...I need to be ready to play kickball!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Yard Work and Quilting

While I was mowing tonight (yes, I'm one of the few people in the nation who believe it is a perfect time to mow when the heat index is 98! Don't worry, I hydrated all day in anticipation of my evening activity) I was struck with the similarities between yard work and quilting.

Stick with me, readers. Both of you.

I was surprised tonight by how much I like to mow. I mean, I remember that I like to mow, but it had just been so long since I've done any mowing that I forgot how much I like it. Which for some reason made me think of quilting (one of the reasons I like mowing: my random mind gets even more random and has time to just wander...) because I was surprised at how much I liked quilting when I started that a few years ago. So that got me to thinking about the similarities between the two.

Here is what I came up with:
  • Results: Both quilting and yard work have nice results, and the results are pretty immediate. You can do your projects in chunks, but you can always see the instant results of what you have just done.
  • Detail: Yard work and quilting both have various levels of detail. You don't necessarily have to be uber-meticulous to do either, but the more meticulous you are, the better your results are.
  • Cost/Time: Quilting and yard work can both get pretty expensive, depending on how much you want to put into it. It can also take a lot of time, depending on how much you want to put into it.
  • Socializing: I realized tonight that I probably only quilt because it is a social activity for me. Which is funny, because quilting most likely did not start as a social activity (I'm assuming it was just much more practical and necessary than that in the beginning). I rarely break out my quilting supplies to do it by myself; I just wait until the retreat and quilt for an entire weekend while I talk, eat, and laugh. It is AWESOME. And while I don't mind mowing by myself, I realized that I would probably do a lot more yard work if it became a social activity. I could imagine taking up gardening if I had a friend doing it with me (not that I need another hobby....and not that gardening runs in my family at all.....). So while quilting and yard work probably seem like solo endeavors, I really prefer them as social activities.

Some men probably don't understand why some women love to quilt so much. And some women probably don't understand why some men love their yards so much. But maybe they're actually very similar at the core: detailed, results-oriented, and they provide a great sense of accomplishment. No wonder I like them. So, if you ever want to rake some leaves or whip up some baby quilts, I'm your gal!


These shoes were LITERALLY calling my name

But I resisted.

Only because they didn't have my size.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Birthday Week 2009

Oh, it was a very fun week! Here is a list of some EXCELLENT things from the week:
  • Went to LaCrosse last Friday for my sister's graduation from Residency. We ate at Fridays where they have AMAZING Jack Daniels menu items. YUM!
  • We "celebrated" Father's Day there and Dad is pretty EXCITED about our gift to him (motorcycle rental for a day).
  • We also celebrated my birthday where my sisters announced their gift to me: tickets to the SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE TOUR!
  • The next day there was a picnic for my sister's graduation where we learned to play croquet. New favorite yard game!
  • That night we went to a banquet for my sister's graduation. SUCH an accomplishment!
  • I then ate Chicken McNuggets at midnight on the way home......to stay awake. And because I wanted too. And because they are delicious and I hadn't had any in SO LONG.
  • I was on Welcome Team for church, which I totally love!
  • Four people got baptized after church
  • Then we had a picnic on that very hot day, where we played sand volleyball until I wanted to pass out, and it was SO FUN
  • Monday night was spent helping some best good friends move back just a few blocks away! YAY! The night was gorgeous and a bunch of us stuck around to eat and laugh and it was good times had by all.
  • Tuesday was the Twins game: DOME DOG, fun friends, Mauer went 4 for 4, and we won!
  • Wednesday was kickball: my team surprised me with a cake and a gorgeous card!
  • We also happened to beat the only other undefeated team in the league that night, so now we are in first place!
  • Thursday (my actual birthday) started with leftover cake for breakfast!
  • Had a very productive day at work, for good measure
  • PANCHO VILLA for my birthday dinner! Thoughtful friends, great food!
  • Received beautiful flowers from my aunt
  • Lazy day off on Friday (finishing up work from the week and getting ready to head to the cabin)
  • Basketball friends at the cabin - they also surprised me with a cake (complete with sparkler-candles)!
  • S'mores, bonfires, late night board games, yard games, grilling, and ABSOLUTELY PERFECT WEATHER...
  • Learned to knee board (my friends brought knee boards instead of wake boards, so that is what I learned, and I liked it!)
  • We also had JET SKIS for the weekend!! MY FAVORITE!!!

Can't think of much else. Needless to say it was a FANTASTIC Birthday Week!! My thanks to everyone who went the extra mile with surprises and kind words and coming out to celebrate with me! I feel BLESSED. I also feel older, because all this activity has left me EXHAUSTED!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

For the Sake of My Sister


I've watched it from the start. The first season started when I lived with my parents (MAN, that seems like forever ago) and I was getting ready for Miss MN. I basically spent two hours every night working out, so I would put SYTYCD on the TV in the garage while I did squats, sit ups, more squats, more sit ups, and jumped rope until I HATED it. ANYWAY. The dancers were so motivating (which I totally needed) and I fell in love with them. Over the years the show itself has come so far in production, choreography, entertainment, etc. And I just love it. I taped the finale from last summer because I seriously thought the dancing couldn't get any better than last year.

Well, last night may have made me eat those words. There were only two of the ten dances that I didn't like. I think my sister may now be hooked on the show, since she calls me to talk about it......

BUT she hasn't seen my FAVORITE DANCES of other years. So I thought I would post some of them here. She said that her favorite dance from last night was the hip hop routine that told a great story. So first I'll post some of my favorites in that genre.

First, Katie and Joshua dancing about him getting his notice to go to war.

Now Chelsie and Mark dancing about love vs. work......

I personally love the contemporary dances with props.

Here is one from "Twitchington"

And one from Twitch and Katee

And the Emmy Winning dance from Travis and Heidi (two seasons ago)

I MUST include a dance from Courtney and Gev just because I thought they were the cutest thing ever.

Okay, only two more, I promise!

Will was my FAVORITE DANCER EVER last season (and I still think it is a travesty that he didn't win - sorry Joshua) so it only makes sense that my two favorite dances have to do with him.

First with Jessica

And with Katee

Okay, that's PLENTY. Enjoy, sis.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Two events occurred in the last two years, accompanied by various thoughts and convictions here and there, which have led me to a massive stack of "homework".

I'm finally committing myself to coming up with, defining, and writing out my core values. What defines me. What do I want to "be about". Spiritually, that is.

Event One: I was in a wedding where the gift the bride gave us was a verse (or verses) that she chose for us based on our character and personalities. Can I just say I thought that was the greatest gift!? Especially since each one of the passages she chose had great thought put into it and personal meaning. I've never had a "life verse" that I've claimed (and I've never wanted to, for many reasons, but that is an entirely different post...) but now I have changed my thinking some, and I have been struck by the passage I was given so much in the last year and a half, that it is now my "life verse". More on this in a moment...

Event Two: I was at a friend's house for a party a few months back and I saw this cute frame thing with different words and beautiful pictures in it. I made a comment on it and she informed me that the words were the core values that she and her husband had chosen for themselves. I was like, "COOL!" I loved it. And the things they chose were very appropriate for what they believe and how they live. I started to think that I would love to do that one day if I get married.

"If I get married..."....."when I get married...." It's a phrase that gets tagged onto a lot of thoughts and statements when you are in the "limbo-single-stage". I've read some encouragement to NOT live with the mindset to put things off until marriage comes, because there is no guarantee it will ever come. So DON'T wait to cultivate godly femininity, DON'T wait to practice your spiritual gifts, DON'T wait to be involved in a church/ministry....etc. So I said to myself, "DON'T wait to do your core values!"

But I don't want to just put some words down on a piece of paper and be satisfied that I've made another list. Instead I really wanted to put thought and study into my core values and be convicted with what I want my life to represent.

I kept coming back to the passage I was given as a basis for my core values. Separately, I came up with some values that I wanted to think about as being my core values. I narrowed that list down as far as I could and came up with seven words. Then I started to look at my passage of scripture and match up phrases with the words I chose. I wasn't going in any order at all and I was just picking and choosing phrases at random, and wouldn't you know, every phrase from the passage of scripture was taken when I got through my list of seven values. So I thought that was cool. When I started that process, I sorta thought I might like to narrow it down to only five values, but now I feel very happy to have seven.

And now I want to do more study on the passage I've chosen before I get into the definition and writing of my core values. Which is where the "homework" comes in. I will read some commentaries and listen to sermons. I went to the Desiring God site to look up sermons on my passage (which is only five verses long) and found THIRTEEN sermons. So that pretty much gives away the fact that my passage is in Romans.

I wanted to have this all done by my birthday, which I am now realizing won't happen, but I wanted to blog about this so that I have at least a little accountability and urgency to get this accomplished soonly.

So, stay tuned for what my life verses and core values are!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Funnier. More Funny?

I never know if funnier is a word. I have a strong hunch that it is not, but people always say it.

Regardless, I think Conan is funnier on his new show. I was a pretty BIG fan of his old show (though I did not love him as much as I loved Craig Kilborn in college. I will never love any late night talk show host the way I loved Craig Kilborn. Whatever happened to him now, anyway?!) but so far (as in "the first three episodes") he has been very funny.

I didn't catch the show the other night, but my sis alerted me to one of the funniest (most funny?) things I have heard all week.

Conan: "In the year 3000, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook will merge into one super time-wasting website called 'You Twit Face.'"

Pretty Sure I Missed My Calling

Oh. My. Cheesy. Goodness.

Did you catch the show GLEE on Fox a few weeks ago? They showed just the pilot episode this spring and will start airing the show next fall. It is about a show choir and it was all things cheesy, quirky, and ADORABLE. If you are into that, you should go watch it on Hulu.

The absolutely most fantastic part of the show was the performance of Journey's "Don't Stop Believing". Love Journey. Love that song (mostly because I AM a small town girl). Loved the performance. Loved it. I may have cried.

So I saw in an article in EW about REAL show choirs which directed me to an actual show choir performing a Journey medley.

This is the part where I go ASD;LFKJAS;DLFKJAS;DLFKJA;SDLFKJAS;DLFKJ again.

[I tried my HARDEST to embed the video, but I couldn't figure out how to do it from Vimeo, so you'll have to go there to watch it. PLEASE. For me.]


Can't you see it?!

It's just wonderful, cheesy, GOODNESS.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

To My Marrieds

I have a message to send out to my married friends/readers.

I almost completely forgot to post about this. I think we were talking about dating or something of the sort at the garage sale a few weeks ago and I was reminded of a post about married people setting singles up, so I said I would link to it here. I was then reminded about that conversation today when I came across this scorecard about surviving church as a single at Stuff Christians Like. (In case you're wondering, I stopped counting when my score reached 1000 points. Not kidding. Okay, maybe kidding a little. But just a little.)

Truly, most of my friends are married. So that means we are in very different seasons of life (especially for those now having kids). But I’m thankful that some of those friendships are still close, and I am able to seek advice and prayer from those friends when it comes to dating and relationships (Side note: I heard someone (who I kinda respect) on the radio today give advice to a pregnant woman that she shouldn't be friends with a single friend anymore since they really won't have much in common once she has her baby. I basically almost cried.).

Thing is, I often think WHERE IN THE WORLD AM I GOING TO MEET SOMEONE!?!?! That is where my marrieds come into play. Married people know some single people, don’t they? They know me, anyway! That’s a start! Maybe they know my future husband!

So, if you’re interested, read this advice on "The Set Up" (or just read the few parts I have at the end of this post) and see what you can do. Not just for me, but for all of your single friends. But for me, too. Just sayin’.

And remember, just because two people are Christians doesn’t mean they necessarily have anything else in common or are a good match. Again, just sayin’. I’ve had some STRANGE first dates and I would like to avoid that in the future.

I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion that dating (especially the first date/s part) is completely tedious, stressful, and awkward. But as a good friend of mine told me, “Dating is awkward, but so is becoming the crazy cat lady”. So there's that. No matter how awkward dating is, I want to avoid being the crazy cat lady!

Here are my favorite parts of Carolyn McCulley's post on "The Set Up":

Please know the difference between being a busybody with a self-appointed agenda to "fix" every single person and a friend who truly believes God can use you to network on behalf of your single friends. The difference often lies in how much prayer you put into the situation and how discerning you are. Do not force two otherwise-incompatible people to meet simply because they are single, of the opposite gender, and they show up in church occasionally. Please consider mutual interests, energies, temperaments, and shared outlooks....I urge married women to enlist their husbands in the cause. They are the secret weapon of single women everywhere, for no one can envision a single man for marriage quite like a married man can.

Some practical tips: Invite your "targets" and some other people to your home or other outing for a group event. Don't tell the woman what you are doing. Just let her be herself. There's no point in stirring up her hopes if the man is not going to initiate. But feel free to tell the man that you've invited a woman he might enjoy meeting. Talk her up a bit, but not too much. Don't make him feel the pressure--just get him thinking about it. Whatever you do, try your hardest not to make everyone revert back to middle school. And avoid the blind date at all cost, unless your "targets" think blind dates are preferable (you should know their opinions here). You are introducing friends, that's all. So keep it chill.

Now to the "targets." Of course, you know that you never have to accept such overtures. However, I would urge all of us to examine our hearts before we respond. What are our motives for accepting or declining? Are we thinking too highly of ourselves and too poorly of others? Are we unwilling to invest a few hours in meeting another person rescued and loved by Christ? Do we have an unyielding expectation of how God should provide a mate for us? And have we possibly contorted the feminine role of joyful response into a lethargic passivity? I paint that with a broad brush, but I do want to caution us from swinging to extremes. When it comes to relationships, we have to show up. And more than show up, we have to be willing to make an investment and participate.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wedding Season


It’s wedding season!!

I hosted my first (and I guess only) bridal shower of the season last Thursday. We had a nice time, which I hope makes up for the invitation: I sent an announcement to be put in the weekly church update that goes out to all members. Imagine my HORROR when the announcement came out and it said BABY shower, not bridal shower! How embarrassing! I ran to my email to make sure I hadn't made the error, which I hadn't, but I still felt horrible! Especially since the girl being honored is a very new member at church who many people still haven't been acquainted with. Anyway, a correction was sent out, so it was all fine and we had a good laugh about it. NO baby shower, yet. Just a bridal shower. Oy.

I also attended another bridal shower on Sunday, and this coming weekend the actual weddings start!

I seriously LOVE wedding season. I love seeing groups of people who have been in hiding from my life since the last wedding season, and I LOVE celebrating my wonderful friends and the love they have found and share with special people. I also love getting to know those new special people because, as I have mentioned, my friends' husbands are the bomb.

So, it’s time to break out the cute dresses, awkward dance moves, and Kleenex (since I cry like a BABY at weddings) and get my WEDDING SEASON on!! WHOO!

Monday, June 1, 2009


It's finally June!

And June is my BIRTHDAY MONTH!

I mean, it's the month that my birthday is in. Not that the whole month is my birthday.

Although, I WOULD like to celebrate for the whole month.

But I'll settle for a week. :)


I've had my birthday events planned for quite some time, but it didn't seem appropriate to talk about them until it was finally June.

My birthday week will start with what I anticipate to be a VERY FUN church picnic on Sunday. So that's good.

The next evening will be spent helping a BFF move back to MN (for the time being, anyway). SO THAT'S VERY EXCITING!!

Tuesday night is what I consider my "Worlds Collide" night. I'm going to invite all kinds of friends from all kinds of parts of my life to join me at the Twins game. Between church, college, basketball, tennis, work, high school, camp, pageants, etc, I should be able to make a few worlds collide. So that's enjoyable.

Wednesday is kickball. Which I love. So that's awesome.

Thursday night will be dinner with friends at PANCHO VILLA. They have a special birthday treat there (which pretty much includes wearing a sombrero) and the food is OFF THE CHAIN. And I will eat lots of nachos, which makes me feel like ASD;FLFKAJS;DLFKJAS;LDFKJA;SLDF. So that's yummy.

Friday I WILL NOT GO TO WORK, and will head to the cabin with friends from basketball for the weekend. One of the girls swears she will teach me to wakeboard. So that's FUN.

OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH I really like my birthday. And I know that people think I like my birthday because it's "all about me", but really I like my birthday because it is such a good excuse to plan things where I can hang out with my favorites and catch up with people I haven't seen in a long time. And I won't apologize for planning my own parties, even though I really loved it when I hadn't planned anything last year and my GREAT friend AH stepped in and made my birthday fun and special. Seriously LOVED that. But I'm confident I will also like the events I've planned for myself. :)

That's two little smiley faces in ONE blog. Yikes. I think I'm OVERLY excited.

So, if you actually know me, be on the look out for an email about that Twins game!!