Monday, February 21, 2011

Blogging Hiatus

Haven't been here in awhile. Haven't really had much to say, so I haven't really missed it. I mean - I haven't missed it in a day-to-day-wanting-to-blog kinda way. And I guess I've had things to say, but they are mostly just whiny and full of self-pity, so I haven't said them here. But this past weekend I was stuck in my house for a solid 3+ days, so I caught up on most every single thing in my life, including the 130 "starred" blogs I had in my Reader. Going through them reminded me that I do want to blog, so here I am.

So....what's been up? Well, in the immediate sense of the question, another snowstorm has had me on lock down. I started my weekend with a massage on Friday night (thanks to a shoulder injury that gets worse everyday...) and a movie with my roommate. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday I had the house to myself to pack for the cruise (FOUR DAYS! FOUR DAYS! FOUR DAYS!), cook and bake (roasted squash, carrots with brown sugar sauce, red pepper and tomato soup, sloppy joes, cookies...), and watch about 4,599 episodes of Bones. Church was cancelled because of the storm, so other than some texting and a few short phone conversations, I was a total introvert and had a chance to work on some things I wouldn't have gotten around to for a long time had I not been snowed in. A much better weekend than the last time we got dumped on.

As far as the last month goes, to say work has been difficult would be an understatement. And since so much of my week is devoted to work, there is definitely a spill-over effect into the rest of my life. Last week I finally made it through a day without crying about work, so that was a change from the last 4-6 weeks. I don't know what to do....a job change? A city change? Blerg.

And now I can't think of anything else to say. I thought I had so many things to catch up on, but I guess not. Beyond wondering about work and wondering about moving, not much is going on. But that's been plenty.

Actually, I will add one other thing I've been thinking about that I was reminded of while I went through my "starred" blogs. It has to do with hospitality, which is one of my core values, so it is appropriate. I'll share the text (from Mark Driscoll), and then I'll share my thoughts:

Hospitality is not just hanging out with Christians. The word “hospitality” in the Bible literally means to welcome the stranger. Fellowship is when you hang out with all your Christian friends. And that’s great and it’s good and you should. Hospitality is when, in addition to your friends, you invite strangers to hang out with your friends so that they too start to become friends.
That’s exactly what Jesus is talking about here. Hosting a party, hosting a banquet, hosting a feast, having a generous menu, having a generous guest list. And as we do these things, what we’re showing is something of the character of God, that we can party to the glory of God. We can have a great time and laugh deeply and eat well to the glory of God. And as we do, we’re showing something of the character of our God and something of his heavenly kingdom.
I really need the reminder about the difference between fellowship and hospitality. I do feel called to be hospitable, but sometimes I feel sad that I'm missing out on the fellowship that I love - especially lately. My favorite people in the world, the people I really want to have fellowship with, are in a much different stage of life. And I'm not just talking about one, two, or three families....I'm talking about my top 20 favorites! And I know the past few months have been harder to have great fellowship because of some new babies, the holidays, etc.........but when I have a night out with my good friends (like I did last weekend), I realize just how much I am really missing that particular kind of fellowship. The kind where so many things just go unspoken because you know each other so well. And the ironic thing is - the people I'm missing often feel like they are missing it, too. (We definitely talked about that while we were away from husbands/babies/homes)

Being hospitable is important and I've really tried to invest time there - hanging out with long-lost friends from college, planning events for singles at church, etc. But when I don't really click with new people it feels discouraging. I know new friendships and relationships take time, but sometimes you just want to wear that favorite pair of jeans because they are so comfortable! So I'm keeping my eyes open for what the Lord wants to teach me in this season of new friendships, and I'm keeping my heart open to making some new friends and breaking in a new pair of jeans (both literally and figuratively).

Having said that, I'm SO SO SO SO SO SO SO blessed that the people I'm most comfortable with - my sisters - are in the same stage of life as me. As much as I'd like to see all of us get married tomorrow and start popping out cute little babies, I'm so thankful that we have this season to spend together. And I'm thankful we actually enjoy our time together and are such good friends. So, when we pile on a plane at 8am on Sunday morning, I will be one happy camper looking forward to a week of laughing, lounging, and fellowship.

AND, because I cleaned out my blogs, I came across a few things I wanted to share - probably more for my sake than anything that I know where to find these gems in the future.

First of all - a coffee chart that is much needed on my end of things. Love coffee, can't figure out the nuances.

This chart on the Enjoyment of Snow Over Time makes me say "AMEN!" (I think you'll have to click on it to get the full effect....)

And because I love grammar and language and talking and is a video that I think is awesome.

Okay. All caught up. Also, I love that after posting a video about grammar and stating my love of language, I'm going to write a disclaimer that I didn't go back and edit this post. Too tired. Deal with it.