Monday, June 11, 2012

Sisterly Birthday Day

Wow, I am SO delayed (and limited) in my posting....

Better late than never....especially when it comes to a post about my sister's birthday! We had a GREAT day (I'm pretty sure I enjoyed it as much as she did), so I wanted to make sure to write it down to be properly remembered!

Beav wanted to spend her birthday with her sisters (literal and figurative) doing some of her favorite things in Rochester. I was so happy with this decision - it had been a LONG time since I had been down there, and I love getting to see more of her community.

We started off at Perkins for her favorite omelets and then went to the mall.....for what, I can't remember, but we all bought something.....even though I left my wallet in the car specifically so that I couldn't buy anything....FAIL. Then we went over to meet a new friend of Beav's - who is 91! She was the bride in the first wedding that Grandpa officiated. Beav got connected to her through Grandpa and now they hang out. This woman is GREAT, and I was so blessed that I got to meet her and hear stories about my grandparents when they were in their twenties. I can't wait to see her again and play games with her. After that, we went to get pedicures at the GREATEST NAIL SALON EVER. Seriously. I'm considering the drive to Rochester just to get a pedicure there right now. Loved it. Then we watched Hairspray and got ready for dinner. We went to an amazing little restaurant with the absolute best food!! The greatest drinks and the greatest desserts EVER! Again...considering the drive there just to eat! It was a really fun day of doing things that are Beav's favorites that were new to me. What a good birthday!

I also got to give Beav her present that I had been working on. I really love giving gifts and finding just the perfect thing, but I do get a little bit apprehensive when it is something that they totally have never asked for or indicated they wanted....especially when it is homemade! But this project was so fun to work on.....I combined a few things that I saw on Pinterest and scoured the internet for just the right touches to match Beav's personality. I had to enlist a little help from Dad on the woodwork, and some insight from Mom and Ang on the design, but I think it turned out great! Beav liked it, too! YAY! (don't know how clear the picture will is nails with string in the shape of MN with a heart in the center of the state (where we grew up)....the lyrics on the bottom are from American Honey by Lady A "she grew up on the side of the road/where the church bells ring and strong love grows/she grew up good/she grew up slow/like American Honey")


Eva Joy said...

Oh man, I LOVED this birthday and it is making me happy again just reading this and re-living it in my head. SO glad you guys made the trip down. We should do it again soon! Especially since now we can snuggle on my bed and watch HD movies on my new 40" flat screen HDTV....

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